Keeping your Carpet Clean

Vacuum Cleaners with Bags VS Bag-less Vacuum Carpet Cleaners

There was a point in history whenvacuums that used bags to capture dirt were as good as it got. Over the bagless vacuum cleaneryears, however, the invention of the bagless vacuum cleaner has made it possible to handle a home’s carpet cleaning needs without purchasing bags periodically. Each type of vacuum has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it often comes down to a consumer’s preference as to which type they buy. Even professional dry carpet cleanerslike differ on their favourite type of vacuum, but there are three specific things to consider before purchasing a new vacuum. 

1. Money Savings
Bagless vacuum cleaners were invented with the intention of saving people money, but this is not always the case. Vacuum bags can end up being costly over the years, but the filters contained within bagless vacuum cleaners are not free. Any given filter can cost around thirty dollars, and it will usually have to be replaced once a year. Luckily, some companies have come out with washable filters. These filters last much longer than typical filters, and thus will usually end up saving people money over purchasing vacuum bags. 

2. Environment
Anyone who is concerned with the environment will have an easy choice between bagless and bagged versions of vacuum cleaners. Bagless vacuums produce no additional waste other than the dust and dirt that they pull up. The canisters on these vacuums can then easily be emptied. Vacuum bags have to constantly be replaced. It is even recommended to replace these bags before they are full to prevent the loss of suction. Several professional carpet cleaners, like local Australian cleaners Carpet Cleaning Done Right, work towards helping the environment through eco-friendly methods as well. Vacuuming and carpet cleaning are one of the many household chores that can actually have a minimal effect on the environment if done correctly. 

3. Work Involved
Many people wouldn’t think that there is a huge difference in the amount of work performed between bagged and bagless vacuums, but this is an incorrect assumption. Vacuums that use bags are as simple as placing the bag on correctly, vacuuming and emptying the bag when necessary. Vacuums that don’t use bags actually have to have their bins emptied and filters cleaned. A person doesn’t want to empty the canister inside, either. This will allow all of the dust in the canister to float around in the air and again settle on the carpet. This usually means going out to the garage or outside bin to empty the canister. If a person isn't concerned with walking outside to empty the vacuum canister repeatedly, then the work involved with vacuuming isn't as much of a worry. 

Several factors come into play when someone wants to make an informed decision on the right vacuum cleaner to buy. Bagless vacuums and vacuums that use bags are each good in their own way, and the choice between the two usually hinges on what is most important to the buyer. No vacuum will permanently replace professional carpet cleaning from a company like, but choosing the right vacuum cleaner will definitely help space out the time between cleanings. 


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