Considering Buying a Violin or Cello?

What to look for, and common questions

Whether you are photo of violin and cello instrumentsan experienced musician in a string quartet or band or you are just starting to learn how to play an instrument, you have to find the right musical instruments to buy. You may be looking for cellos, guitars or violins for sale today, or you may still be trying to decide which string instrument is best for you. Regardless of the type of instrument that you want to purchase, you likely want to purchase a quality instrument that is priced at an affordable level for your budget. Before you rush out and buy violin instruments or other musical instruments, you want to consider a few key points.

The Age and Skill of the Musician
First, you should consider the age and the skill of the musician before you make a purchase, for example if you're playing in a professional string quartet like String Musicians Australia, you're naturally going to need to invest in a quality instrument. Take time to research the difficulty associated with learning to play the guitar, piano, violin, cello or other string instrument before you make your purchase. In addition, research the different types of instruments to determine which manufacturer’s models may be most suitable for the age and skill of the musician. Some instruments are made for intermediate or professional musicians while others are more suitable for beginners. Your research can help to ensure that you purchase a model of instrument that is perfectly suited for you.

A Personal Trial
Before you make the decision to buy celloguitar or violin instruments, it is important to try out a few models. It may be in your best interest to purchase a quality instrument from a distance rather than a local seller, but you should hold a similar model to gauge its feel. The instrument should be comfortable for you to hold and play. Consider the size, special features, weight and other distinguishing characteristics of the instrument carefully before you buy cellos for sale or other types of instruments.

Your Budget
You may want to visit a local music store to test a few instruments and learn more about which instruments are suited for your needs. This is a great way to determine which of the many instruments are best for your needs and abilities. However, before you make your purchase, you should consider visiting a website like Lonely Instruments at This reputable website makes it easy for buyers and sellers from around the world to connect with each other. You can find quality used instruments at an affordable price. The search capabilities of this website allow you to search for a specific type of musical instrument and to refine your search based on sales price, geographic location and other features. 

Buying a musical instrument can be a challenge. You want to find the right instrument for your skill level and abilities at an affordable price. Take time to consider each of these points carefully. Then, be sure to visit, eBay or another instrument marketplace to search for the best deal on the string musical instrument that is right for you. 


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