Selecting a Towbar

When it comes to towing with your vehicle, make sure you use the right tow bar

new towbar and towballIf you think that it is difficult to use tow bars, you cannot be more wrong. The fact of the matter is that they are very easy to use. They are not expensive also. Tow bars can offer the perfect and most practical towing solutions. The equipment is also quite minimal and therefore, you will find it easy to set up. When you compare the cost of towbars with those of a trailer or a dolly, the cost of towbars are very much less also. There are no storage worries also in tow bars because you can attach them to the vehicle itself.

But, while using them, you should take a few precautions. You should ensure to install the towing bar or the cable properly. If you want to install the package yourself, you should be careful to follow the instructions scrupulously and meticulously. If you are not confident that you will be able to handle it on your own, you can take the help of an expert or a professional. Even after this expert or professional installs the Brisbane towbars (for example, you should ensure to check if all the parts and also the electrical cables are fitted in the right manner. Only after ensuring this, you should hit the road.

There will be lucid instructions for hooking the car up. This task should be carried out as per these instructions. In the same manner, for mounting the towing bar to the car also, it is necessary to follow the instructions meticulously. You should remember that there is a slight difference between the working of towbars Brisbane and basic cable systems and therefore, you should learn to hook the car up to the gear. The signaling lights and brake lights should function properly and you should ensure to check them up before hitting the road. The functioning of these lights should be in tune with the working of the towing vehicle. The vehicle that is being towed should be kept in neutral gear. This is for ensuring that there is not much wear and tear to the vehicle. The wheels of the vehicle will also not get stuck in the locked position.

If you are using tow bars Gold Coast (for example from a towbar company like and have the towed vehicle behind, you should never forget that you are towing the vehicle. If you miscalculate the length of the total set-up or forget that there is a vehicle behind, there may be serious problems on the road. So, you should adopt utmost caution and maintain a safe distance. You should try to drive very slowly also.

There are three basic varieties of tow bars. The commonest type called the self-aligning tow bars are quite easy to use. But, for setting up the 'A'  frame and position it perfectly, you need two people. You also have car-mount type and coach-mount type. It is better to use the latter type because car-mount type tow bars will increase the weight on the front side and due to this, ground clearance will be very much reduced. This will affect the suspension of the vehicle and cause wear and tear to it. It will cause wear and tear to the tires and brakes also.

Towing equipment in general are classified according to the weights of the vehicles to be towed. With Class I equipment, up to 2000 pounds can be towed, Class 2, up to 3500 pounds, Class 3, up to 5000 pounds and the last one, Class 4, up to 10000 pounds. So, depending upon the vehicle to be towed, you should choose the towing equipment.

You should know the capacity of the vehicle you will be using and the weight of the vehicle that has to be towed. You should ensure to check if the tow bar or the cable you will be using has the capacity to tow the vehicle to be towed. You must not do things hastily. You should adopt patience while you do the hooking so that you will be reaching your destination with the towed vehicle safely.


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